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Be a hero! Pay it forward and pre-order a 150 Canadian Stories book for you and sponsor one for a grade five student to help them learn about this beautiful country and instil a sense pride for Canada. You will not only be in the draw for a t-shirt (if you are one of the first 150), a tag in the book will identify you as the benefactor! You will make a ten-year-old’s day!




150 Canadian Stories is about sharing the tales of Canadians across the country, both young and old, past and present, from St. John’s to Vancouver and Nunavut to Point Pelee, Indigenous to New Canadian to celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday. It will be a book combining the educational experiences of a really cool history textbook with the inspirational component of Chicken Soup for the Soul. This summer we will be travelling to a city or town near you and sharing our experiences and these stories with the world to celebrate all the amazing people, places and things that weave the fabric of this country together and make it great!

In 150 Canadian Stories you will learn about all of the wonderful, majestic, iconic locations we have to visit here in our beautiful country. There will be stories to honour our historical figures that have made the word Canadian something we want to identify with. The majority of the stories will be about ordinary people who have done extraordinary things and ordinary things that people outside this country think are extraordinary, like shovelling a path to the BBQ in mid-February. C’mon, it is only a little snow! I want you to be amazed that a Canadian actually did THAT. I want you to savour the times we feel most Canadian and what we miss when we leave home.

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