Yes…we want this to be a summer long party of sharing our pride in Canada and celebrating our 150th birthday!

So we want YOU to come along for the ride!

If you want to help us complete this crazy adventure,  here are several ways from small to large that you can help us achieve our dream:

Like and share or comment on our Facebook page (the number of “likes” is super important for buy-in for corporate sponsors so please ask everyone you know to like as well).

Like and share (and get others to) our Instagram page.

Submit your story on our submission page and reach out to people (including famous ones) to submit their stories. We want all types of stories including humorous things that Canadians do, your favourite Canadian story, when you feel most Canadian, your Canadian Day traditions, your favourite Canadian sport, activity or location. No story is too small!!

Win a free t-shirt! Be one of the first 150 to pre-order the book for $30 and be in a draw to win a free 150 Canadian Stories t-shirt just in time for our big Canada Day celebrations!

Be a hero! Pay it forward and pre-order a book for you and sponsor one for a grade five student for $60. You will not only be in the draw for a t-shirt (if you are one of the first 150), a tag in the book will identify you as the benefactor! You will make a ten-year-old’s day!

Keep us from running out of gas!!!! We plan on covering almost 20,000 kms so gas is a HUGE expense! Sponsor kilometres for $0.50/ km or buy a tankful and get a social media shout out when we are travelling YOUR kilometres. Where do you want to see us go????

Be a Super Fan! How would you like to be part of the 150 Canadian Stories inner circle??? Be a 150 Canadian Stories Founding Member (maximum of 150) and get your name and/or business listed in the book, as well as an autographed copy for your to keep! How cool is that????

Be the coolest cat in the community and sponsor a WHOLE class for $700 and books for every student in the class can be shipped anywhere in Canada. Special stickers will be attached showing you as the sponsor. Think what a gift this is for your child’s school, your old grade school (oh the memories) or in honour of family and friends who loved Canada and/or were advocates for education. My sister was a teacher and I would love to have a classroom receive books in memory of her (Gudrie family?) This legacy will never go out of style!

Buy us a Timmies! We need fuel too! If you would like to buy us a round of coffee or the luxury of a Chai tea latte, we would be much obliged! Buy a coffee, save a marriage!

Breakfast…The Most Important Meal of the Day! Our first stop of the morning is the most important as it sets the tone for the day! A good breakfast is going to give us the fuel we need to meet and greet people from all over Canada as well as hike in some of the most amazing places in the world! We would love to start our day of right thanks to you!

Lunch Hour is the Best Hour of the Day! Where we are going, there may be few options for lunch and we welcome your suggestions. We are really hoping to be able to eat in a local diner and meet people from the town and hear some great stories. We can’t wait to do a Facebook live post showing you where we are eating and what we are eating thanks to your generosity!

Dinner Time!!! This is when we want experience and taste all that Canada has to offer. Sponsor us for a deluxe restaurant that has extraordinary cuisine or for a regular, stick to your ribs kind of meal!

Donate Any Amount! This is a community project! I would love for kids to donate their allowance or proceeds from their lemonade stand. Collect your spare change. Send us your Canadian Tire money. The more the merrier! We do not have a million dollar sponsor on this project. It is people like you that have given what they can to make this happen. Ordinary people doing extraordinary things! Our journey and your support are part of the Canadian story!


In addition you can:

Ask your company to be a part of it and sponsor us with a cash donation and we will add them to our honour roll on the sponsor page and have their logo as part of the story submission page advertising.

Donate in-kind from your business and be seen all across Canada!!! We love partnering with others and have collaborated on the website, graphics, book cover, social media, French translation and even have some pretty cool Canadian pyjamas to wear. We have still not signed an RV deal (so close!!!), we will need gas (think Petro-Canada, Shell, Husky), campsites (KOA or individual ones along the way) or hotel rooms (do you have a connection to a chain or even a B &B somewhere?), meals (whether you have a connection to Tim Horton’s, Harvey’s, Boston Pizza or an unused gift card laying around), clothing and outerwear (I could be on an icebreaker off the coast of Nunavut), hiking boots (have you seen some of the National Parks???) sunglasses (When you have light sensitivity it is all about the shades), massages (after those long stretches of driving), airlines (do you believe there are places in Canada you can’t drive to???), cameras, phone and data plan (Facebook Live from across this country means a LOT of data!) and other things we probably haven’t even thought of. . If you have a skill or product that could make this trip happen we would love to have you as a sponsor.

Connect us with mayors, Economic Development departments, Tourism Bureaus and VIP’s around the country to get local buy-in. Do you know anyone? How about schools, principals and teachers? Individual schools can start their own projects to get books into the hands of their students. How much fun would that be?

If you are part of a service group or know someone who is and they give grants for projects like these or would be a good fit for sponsoring books, hook me up!

This is a summer long party so whether it is online or in person, we look forward to connecting with you and sharing the amazing stories of this great country!