Book: 150 Canadian Stories - From the Ordinary to the Extraordinary

The Concept

150 Canadian Stories is about sharing the tales of Canadians across the country, both young and old, past and present, from St. John’s to Vancouver and Nunavut to Point Pelee, Indigenous to New Canadian to celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday. It will be a book combining the educational experiences of a really cool history textbook with the inspirational component of Chicken Soup for the Soul. This summer we will be travelling to a city or town near you and sharing our experiences and these stories with the world to celebrate all the amazing people, places and things that weave the fabric of this country together and make it great!

Book Cover: 150 Canadian Stories - From the Ordinary to the Extraordinary
Darlene Gudrie Butts - Best Selling Author

The Creator

Darlene Gudrie Butts is an acclaimed author and speaker as well as a very proud Canadian. She wanted to celebrate this country’s upcoming 150th birthday with her power skill, story-telling. Willing to leave her business, city and friends behind, Darlene is embarking on a three-month tour of this incredible country looking for ordinary people with extraordinary stories. Her big dream is to be able to get enough books sponsored to be able to gift them to every grade five student in Canada so that the next generation has the love and pride she has for this country!

The Community

This is your book as much as it is ours. Let’s be proud to be Canadian together!

How can you join in?

Start with your story. Go to the submissions page and enter it there. Then, send the link to the people you know that have a great story to share as well.

We are going to be adding stories here on our blog and on social media so connect with us to hear all of the amazing things going on in Canada.

On the events page we will let you know where we are going to be. If you are nearby, please stop by and say hello. We want every stop on the tour to be a party!

We are building a community to take this journey together. We can’t wait to connect online or in person and hear your great Canadian story!!!

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