Book: 150 Canadian Stories - From the Ordinary to the Extraordinary

Welcome to “150 Canadian Stories”

I am proud to be Canadian!

In this year of celebration, I want to honour the 150 years this country has held its place in the world with my best skill, story-telling.

I have been a story teller all of my life and I am honoured that I am going to be able to give a voice and a platform to all of the stories over the last 150 years that have weaved together the fabric of our land.

I want you to learn about all of the wonderful, majestic, iconic locations we have to visit here in our beautiful country.  I want to honour our historical figures that have made the word Canadian something we want to identify as. I want to tell stories about ordinary people who have done extraordinary things and ordinary things that people outside this country think are extraordinary, like shovelling a path to the BBQ in mid-February. C’mon, it is only a little snow! I want you to be amazed that a Canadian actually did THAT. I want you to savour the times we feel most Canadian and what we miss when we leave home.

This is not my book. These are our stories. This is our history and our legacy.

We want all Canadians to be represented, from the Atlantic to the Pacific, Nunavut to Point Pelee, young, old, famous, ordinary, extraordinary, indigenous or new immigrant.

Let’s be proud to be Canadian together!

Let’s celebrate Canada together!

Book Cover: 150 Canadian Stories - From the Ordinary to the Extraordinary


If you own a business and want to become a corporate sponsor, call the 150 Canadian Stories team at 416-722-9766.

My dream is to have every Grade 5 student and new immigrant coming to Canada in 2017 to have a copy of this book. Your funding can make that happen! If you want to sponsor 1000 books or more, the cover and interior can be branded for your corporation AND a story could be added about your company or by one of your employees.

To find out more, please call 416-722-9766.


Happy 150th Canada!!!